Trying to set up wd my cloud ex2 to serve like onedrive

I have recently bought a wd my cloud ex2 and I was trying to find a way to set up so that the folder would work Onedrive meaning that:

  1. There would be an account that I could login to any computer and still access all my files through window explorer like the folder onedrive.
  2. I would like to create multiple folders and allow only specific user to access that folder. For example: user 1 can access a folder called “test 1” and user 2 can access a folder called “test 2”
  3. I would also like to create a public folder to share media contents so that all users can access the public folder through window explorer.
  4. I tried using wd sync but this is not what I really wanted because it take up space on my own computer. I only want to store data directly to the NAS and be able to access them anywhere with just a user name and password.

Just to make my question clear: All user should see their own folder (to store their own data) that the admin assigned and the the public folder (to view shared media content).

I have done lots of research and still could not figure out how to set up like how I really wanted to. Any one have any idea on how to set it up like how I wanted !

Many thanks !!!

I am not entirely sure of what you would like to do with regards to how it differs from regular usage. Within the Dashboard you can create private, individual shares assigned to individual Users with individual credentials based on a set Username and password, and they can all map shares in Windows Explorer. Even though all Users will see all shares, they will only be able to access the Shares assigned to them.

The unit also has a default Public share everyone can access.

Instructions for mapping your unit are available in the following link:

Yeah. I have map my cloud drive. But I’m asking if there is a way that I can see the exact same thing when I’m on a different network. And I wanted to view all the files and stuff in window explorer. Just like how we have a local drive in our computer. Any suggestion on that ?

Thank you for clarifying.

Remote mapping is not supported at the time of this post. However, User and Share permissions are respected when accessing the unit remotely using the WD My Cloud Web or desktop app.

Thank you for the help.
As I was using this, I notice the speed of the wifi is decreasing about half of the speed that I have. It is back to normal when I unplug the WD my cloud from my router. Another question I have is:

  1. Is there anyway that a user can log into a computer from work and download a file directly to the WD my cloud without having to download a file to the computer and then copy it to the cloud using WD my cloud desktop app.
  2. I also notice that the local transfer rate is only about 10MB/s. I have seen people getting anywhere from 70-100MB/s transfer rate. Do you know anything that could cause the issue and what could I do to improve the transfer rate ?

Thank you so much for your help !!!

Here is my set up btw

After using my ex2 for some time, I got tired of the wd server that connects ex2 to the wd servers going down and saying remote acces to the ex2 has been disabled. So I loaded open vpn on my asus router. I purchased a static ip from my provider, but you can use a ddns server instead for ip addresss that change often. I am now able to access my wd ex2outside my network via internet like a regular mapped drive in windows explorer. I can also load open vpn on my iPad and stream from my ex2 with infuse outside my network.

Hope this helps.

Looks like you have the exact configuration that I want. Could you please walk me through it step by step because I’m a newbie and know nothing about networking. Thank you !!!

First you should find out if your router has vpn.

I think it does. I have 2 routers. One of them is the linksys wrt ac1900 and the other one is linksys EA4500

I think you should first set up the vpn and only use one router in your configuration. I used open vpn and setting it up was very simple. When testing your vpn you will have use a connection outside your network. Like a hotspot on cell.

See you can easily map the drive or volume.

For user specific you can give the URL for acess. Again it will be authentication specific.

If you find issue in mapped drive. Then for you you set a iscsi

it will mount a certain partion of volume as you attached drive as internal one. It will read and write directly to NAS.

Thank you for your reply. I’m have mapped the drive and everything. My only concern now is to access my NAS remotely using window explorer. I wanted to remote access and see exactly what I see when I’m in a local network. Dreadnot suggest me to do it through VPN but I have no idea how to setup between 2 routers.