One Folder shared between Group


Hi, I am trying to set up WD MyCloud EX2 Ultra for a small company. The WD “Support” did not react to my mail I sent over 2 weeks ago, so I try it here.
I would like to enable all users within a group to use the same shared folder. Using the web interface, the WD cloud phone app and the computer software. However, when I create user accounts, each has a separate folder and when I use the web interface to delete these folders and create a new one that is shared between all users, the WD cloud computer app doesn’t incorporates it but just complains that the user’s folder is missing.
I would like to have one folder/share for all users for internal use and one folder in which we can share data with people without a user account to our MyCloud. How can I do that?


Hi AndiEich,

Please check your private message.