Access to private folder through Windows files explorer

Hi guys,
I try to acess to a created private folder on a My Cloud Ex2 Ultra NAS through a Windows files explorer.
Windows ask me the username and password, logically. When I fill the form fields with the username and password previously created in the My Cloud Ex2 admin interface, The NAS refused connection.
Strangly, if the username is the same as the admin user of the Windows session, it’s work…
Does someone can explain me what’s happen ?

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Did you found any solution for it ?


One thing that you should do is make the users have a MyCloud account (as you need to use the mailaddress as username). Besides that, I also have the same issue. WD support has reached out, sent me a link to some older article, which didn’t help.

When you have a directory set to public, it will work with the login, but as soon as you set it private, it won’t connect…very annoying. It would seem like it should be a default function. My CLOUD. Share from everywhere…