Private file can't access from explorer

I created private folder where one of the users has only access.
I can see this folder in explorer (Win10). When I’m trying to open it, window with login and password pops up.

No login and password from dashboard of ex2 nor login (mail) and password from MyCloud works to access this file.
I can access it from MyCloud, but I need it as a file on my PC.
I can make it public and it works like other public files but I need a password on that folder.

Hi korsarzyk,

After rebooting of computer, it is advised to access Private Share before accessing the Public Share of My Cloud device using User’s credentials who has R/W access on that Share.

I have the same problem and I can not find a solution, and reboot all the devices after making some configuration change but still it still does not work and I can not enter a folder created as private.

If they came to find some solution please share.

Yea I have the same problem. Waiting for a solution.

Hi all, I have exactly same issue.
I’m able to connect and use public folders of NAS, but in no way I’m able to connect to a folder declared as private. What can I do. Is there a feasible solution?

Same for me. Any advice is appreciated.