Set up multi-user office share

I have set up the EX2 Ultra to back up 5 computers, 5 users, in the office. Another EX2 offsite gets the back up mirrored nightly. All good there.

I need to have an in house “cloud” folder where files can be shared, worked on, saved, changed, etc from one user to the next easily. These folks don’t have very good computer skills.
I set up the My Cloud app on several of these computers which I assumed would be the folder they would ALL share from but the computers aren’t sharing one to the other. Also despite being a hard wire system there are multiple sync errors and syncing is taking a long time.

How do I get all these users set up with 1 folder on their desktop that will allow them to click on User 1, User 2, User 3, User 4 or User 5 and have access to all the files and make changes? If User 1 changes a file on User 3’s computer will the changed file migrate down?

So far I have all 5 set up as users on the MyCloud.
I have made a group of all 5 users.
All have read/write privileges under shares.

I don’t know what I am doing wrong. :frowning:

Can someone please help?


Why not try setting a private share with shared permissions for those specific users and mapping the share manually?

I ended up creating a sub-directory folder “Briefcase” in the public shared area on the drive.
I then made folders for user #1, 2, 3, 4 + 5 and dropped a shortcut to the “Briefcase” on their desktops.
They can now all visit each others shared files and make changes. I just needed to teach them that
the files are no longer resident on their computers but are on the external drive. They are used to using
Sugarsync’s Magic Briefcase and I would have preferred setting it up that way, where their folders stayed
on their computers but the Cloud would allow access and changes even when their computers were off.
I’m brand new to NAS systems and really needed better instructions to set it up and even tell me if what I
was looking to do was possible. This solution seems to be able to work just fine.
I still don’t know if “shared” folders are accessible when a computer is off (is the “share” cloud based like Sugarsync) and would it then sync up with the other computers when they come online. I suspected not after playing with the share app and that the action I took was the correct one.
I really need to learn all the in’s and outs of this system as heaven help them I am their main IT support person.

Thanks for the answer and assistance.