Can Access Only One Password Protected Folder - My Cloud EX2 Ultra

I just bought and setup My Cloud EX2 Ultra for my small office.

I would like 4 users to create backups from 4 computers. So I created 4 users (other than admin) with passwords.
I found that four new shared olders are created with respective usernames under the drive MYCLOUDEX2ULTRA on my network.

I double clicked on the first folder and it asked for the username and password. I entered the username and password of the first user and the permission was granted. Now I access that particular folder.

But When I try to access the other folder it asks for username and password and when I entered the second user’s username and password - it says it’s not accessible.

I did the same from another computer and accessed the User 2 folder but then I can’t access any other folders even if I add correct username or password for the respective folder.

I am running Windows 10 Home 64bit on the first computer and Windows 7 Home 64bit on the second computer I mentioned.

Could anyone explain how this file sharing works and how I can access every user’s folders.

If it’s just backups , why not create a public accessible share with sub-folders for each PC , point the backups to the appropriate share sub-folder.

I would like restrict file access for each user. That’s why I can’t use public accessible folder for everyone backup. :frowning:

@Saikat You may want to go back to WD Community and post your topic under Network Attached Storage>My Cloud EX2.

Thank you Cat0w for pointing me to the right NAS section. I got confused due to the MyCloud name of this forum.
I have posted it in the NAS section again.

Please ignore this thread and in case you have any suggestion or solution, please post it in the thread given below: