Restricted User Access With EX2100 - One Folder Per User With Passwords

HI - I would like to thank anyone first that can help with this.

I have a new WDMyCloudEX2100 device and would like to set it up in this fashion if possible:

Create users and assign just one folder (directory) on the device with quotas for that user and no other access on the device with a username/password combination. In addition, I would like to be able to create an icon/link for one click access for each user to access the device, then when prompted they are asked for the username/password and logged in. From there they can upload/edit/whatever they wish with the files in the one shared folder they have for their accounts and that’s it. I am also going to shut off access to the public folders, etc., so basically this device will be used (if it is possible) as a standalone file server that users can manage files with in one password protected area. The system is connected to our internal network, works well, just do not see an easy approach to this with the WD software available and wanted to see if anyone had done this before or can point me in the right direction for help in doing this. If the WD software itself is not capable of controlling this completely, does anyone know of a 3rd party software that could manage the files on the device(s) in this fashion?

Again - any help would be greatly appreciated and if I can provide more information to explain what I am doing, please ask me.


Hi, unfortunately I have not tried this, lets see if one of the more experienced users are able to provide some information on this case.

Why do you need to use the WD software? I think we are talking about WD Sync?
If all users are connected to the network the ex2100 resides than just add the users to the ex and see the created “user” folder. This folder is shared only to the user and the other users do not have any rights.
Then you need the link to “\\nasname_or_IP\username” thats all.

Thank you for the input and what you are describing is exactly what I thought I could do from looking at several My Cloud setups in the past and reading the setup, etc., for the My Cloud devices. However, it doesn’t quite work the way I hope I described I need it too and do not think anything that comes with the cloud or Windows will do what I need, unless I am missing something, which of course is always possible for people to do, but I don’t think so. You can restrict the access yes, very easy to do and quite simple, but that is just one part of what I need to setup; I not only need the ‘directory per user’ restricted but also need it to be password protected so a login function is required each time and no rights to the other folders are visible to other users, which can be done with the My Cloud setup, I understand, but that is all that is all there seems to be control of so looks like an outside method is needed for what I am attempting will be necessary. Running a local intranet web service is one way to do it and then use .htaccess with basic password schemes is a simple way, or various other scripts to manage access will be available once I have a web server running… it is just a lot of work for one function as you may know, so was trying to avoid setting that up just to have a user/password controlled network file manager for multiple users, that is really all I need. I thought there must be something out there that is simple enough to allow this on a Windows machine in some fashion, I have looked quite a bit and have found nothing, which I find surprising. If there is anything 3rd party people know of for this I’d appreciate a quick note, otherwise thanks for the input - Jerry

If you do not save the credentials in Windows and the user follows the network link than every time the user needs to login to the network folder.
What exactly do you need?
Do you want a mycloud system (login to the website and get access) locally integrated in Windows?
So you login to a computer with only one account and the different users access their folders with their username and password?

Lutz_Juwick: “So you login to a computer with only one account and the different users access their folders with their username and password?”

Yes, this is what I am after, a simple way to allow multiple user access to a specific drive space using a single account Windows system. If I have the Cloud device mapped as “Z:” drive (or any drive space) each user would have their own folder/directory, I want something that will let each user login with a user/pwd combo and be sent to that folder and allow them to modify the contents of the files in that folder only. Locking out read even read access to the other folders is preferred. This is why I was looking for something simple to accomplish this with as opposed to setting up an entire web server/Intranet just to have directory structure protection & management for the file server. So far I haven’t seen any programs (3rd party) that allow these functions so I have been looking at alternatives… if there are any ideas, please share - thanks!