Per user username/password when mapping in Windows 10


In a small business, we use a MyCloud EX2 Ultra as a file server.

The folders within the file server are mapped on users computers.

However I am seemingly only able to create one set of credentials to access the EX2 Ultra via network mapping.

Is it possible to have multiple sets of credentials for multiple users when mapping the drive?

The goal is for users to be only able to access the folders if they have the security permissions to do so.

I realise this is possible via the MyCloud interface, but I am looking to do this through Windows.

Any help would be appreciated.



permissions need to be set on the device hosting the files, no? That would be through the WD dashboard. (unless you start doing Linux stuff to the EX2 directly).

The individual Windows Users can only access what you LET the individual users access. . . .using the permissions you are setting on the devices hosting the files. (i.e. the EX2)

Windows only allows a SINGLE set of credentials when mapping shares on any given NAS.
It’s a limitation of Windows, not WD.

The “correct” way to manage this from the WD’s perspective is, for any given user, make sure the required shares are permitted for that user.

Thank you for the responses.

Currently we have one set of credentials that will allow access to the entire drive, this is the admin credentials.

Is it possible to setup another set of credentials that have access to:

Folder 1, Folder 2, Folder 3
for User 1, 2 and 3.

and then another for

Folder 2, Folder 3
for User 4, 5 and 6.

I have not been able to work this out.

Please note: All permissions are setup and working via the MyCloud interface, I can’t work it out for Windows.

Edit: I have created a new test user and it is working correctly. Current users keep receiving the username and password prompt despite entering the credentials I have allocated them.

I was able to setup user credentials for accessing mapped drives via Windows, however they have now stopped working, even if I update them in the user management section of MyCloud.