WD My Cloud 2TB first steps


this is my first post so Welcome everybody.

I have just bought couple of days ago WD My Cloud 2TB. All seems to work fine but I have following problems/questions:


I have two PC’s at home: one with XP SP3 system and another one with Vista Home. I have created an user: “jacek” and one share “Jacek” on the disk and put password, and switched off public and multimedia. Provided full access to “jacek” user.

My idea is to have this folder visible only on these two machines so anyone else at home can access it. So on machine with XP all is fine , I have mapped two folders “Public” and “Jacek” but there is issue on Vista machine. “Public” folder have been mapped successfully but folder “Jacek” cannot be mapped if password is on for “jacek” user. I have got following message:

It tells acces is not allowed.

Many connections with server or shared share by the same user using more than one user name is not allowed.


So different PC’s name etc what is going on ?


I want to grant access to my doughter. So as I understand I need to create additional user it is ok and create additional share for her (she will put her own password etc) But can I limit somehow disk size for her – grant her fo example 500GB only ?


I have older hd readt lcd tv at home. I want to watch films via xbox 360. It works but xbox doesn’t see subtitles. Is it any chance that disk does this job ?

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The error message is pretty clear.  In Windows, you cannot log into a NAS with two sets of credentials.

If you log into a “Guest” or “Public” share first with no credentials, you will not be able to log into a private share with different credentials.

This is a Windows limitation, not a Cloud limitation.

You must log into the Private share first, and then the public share.

for question 2 you can’t limit the space a share can use

Thanks for an info.
Tony I want to share outlook file between two computers and have an access not visible to others at home.
So what do you suggest to do ? If I do folder public then it is visible for others at home correct?
Can you write more how to do as you suggest in more details?
Thanks and Happy New Year

You are right

I found something on WD support pages




but there is an option to map network drive and “connect using a different user name” so I hope it will help

But I have no password at XP and only on Vista when logging in.

Which user name should i put then ? How I can find it in XP and Vist to sign correct values to map network drives ?

Sorry maybe for simple and stupid questions… :slight_smile:

“connect using a different user name”

That wouldn’t help as well if you’re already connected to WDMyCloud with a different user. Also placing your outlook data on the Public share would let anyone connected to your network accessing it.

The better solution is:

  1. Windows XP: Create a new account with password eg. “daughter”. You would have to migrate the existing guest profile/data to this new account using the PC administrator access. If you would like this XP PC to auto login without password (think that’s the reason you’re using guest account?), WIN+R -> open: “control userpasswords2” -> Advanced -> uncheck requires Ctrl+Alt+Delete -> Key in the “daughter” credentials.

  2. WDMyCloud Dashboard: Create a new user with password eg. “daughter”.

  3. WDMyCloud Dashboard: Create a new share eg. “family”.

  4. WDMyCloud Dashboard: Assign full access to this new “family” share for users “daughter” and “jacek”.

  5. Windows Vista: Disconnect any existing share drive then logoff and relogin. (optionally it’s better for Vista and WDMyCloud to have the same user/pass for account “jacek”)

  6. From Vista access \WDMyCloud\family using user “jacek”. From XP access \WDMyCloud\family using user “daughter”. Place the outlook data on the “family” share and configure outlook to point to it. You could also do network drive mappings.

Above are the usually setups configured on a small home/business network. There’s much more to cover for enterprise level. Hope it helps.

Thanks so much

yes on XP i do not have any password as I use it only by myself.

Currently I disconected all shares on Vista and mapped only my private share “Jacek”

Usually I use only one of two PC at the same time and now it works. If XP is switched off I can use pst file on XP and in oposite. On Vista in fact when I need public folder I will quickly map it for a moment.

So an order of mapping is important as it was written before. Just when I mapped public on Vista private share “Jacek” stopped working :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks so much for help :smiley:


I have noticed one issue with WD My Cloud. I have created separated Share and put some films over there. Set Multimedia sharing on later on Public access on for a moment and ok, content was visible on my Xbox360 and TV Samsung. Later on I switched off Multimedia sharing for this catalogue, reset WD, switched powering off and tried to change user access etc but this share is still visible on consoule and tv. I thought when I switch off multimedia sharing for this catalogue then it should disappear / be not visible in the network

What I can do ? I do not want to delete completely this cataslogue but only switch on visibility when required