Trouble Accessing Private Shares

I’ve been searching for a long time and I just can not find an answer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. On my home network I have my Windows 7 desktop and a MacBook Pro with Yosemite OS. I also have a small netbook given to me by my school. Basically, I want to be able to have all my school files and documents accessible wheather I’m home or at school. There are two household users and I have two accounts for each of us. I am able to map my private share folder to my MacBook without an issue; however, I cannot figure out how to map my private share to my Windows 7 desktop. No matter what I do, I will either get an error that says //MyCloud/privatesharename cannot be accessed by windows and I don’t have permission or it will tell me that I cannot map my private share folder. Also, anytime I try to access the private shares in windows explorer, a message pops up that asks me for the network username and password. This username and password are in no way related to any of the mycloud usernames and passwords I had originally set up. What in the **bleep** is it talking about with the “network” username and password. All I want is for someone to clearly and in a step-by-step manner explain to me how to do the following:

  1. Explain how to map User 1’s private share to user 1’s account on the windows 7 pc and how to map User 2’s private share to user 2’s different account on the same windows 7 pc.

  2. Explain how to map User 1’s private share to the macbook. 

  3. Explain what a “network” username and password are.

Thanks for your help!

Within each Windows computer session in each Windows user account, you can only use one set of NAS credentials. So Windows User A can access NAS User X share, but if User A then tries to access NAS User Y hsare, Windows will pop up a window asking for credentials, but not credential will work for that share. Either because User X has not access anyway, of because User Y is another user and Windows doesn’t like that 2 users are accessing the same external computer (the NAS).

To set things straight, within each user account:

  • make sure you have no software accessing the cloud with some credential. For example, if you have some sync software using the admin account, you wouldn’t be able to user User X or Y credentials. If you have already accessed the public share of the NAS, Windows is using a guest account for the NAS, and User X or Y credentials won’t work any longer.

  • got to the control panel, user accounts and family safetey, windows credential manager and delete any existing credential there.

  • then reboot the computer,

  • upon login in, right click on the share that requires the NAS user you want to associate with your Windows user, and choose map network drive. Enter the NAS credential and choose to reconnect at login,

Repeat for the other Windows user.

On the Mac, it is a bit different. YOu should see your NAS in the left navigation panel of the finder, under shared drives.

If you don’t, you can also connect to server. under Finder > Go. Type smb://YOURNASHERE/ and enter the credentials you want.

Just to clarify you can connect to as many shares as you want with 1 windows user but they all need to connect with the same mycloud user so this user needs to be granted full or read access to each share you need to mount and as mentioned you need to connect to a private share before any public shares