Cannot access private shares with windows 7!

This is driving me nuts.
I cannot view the private shares with Windows 7.
I tried to disconnect all the mapped shares ( I actually have none) and removed the credentials from Credential manager.
Sooooo frustrating.
Any idea?

Hello there,

What error are you getting? Try to un map everything by going to cmd and typing “net use * /delete” this will un map everything that has been mapped to the computer, after doing this try to map the private shares first, then the public ones.

In “net use” I have nothing listed so nothing is mapped.
I have some public and private shares.
I cannot access the private ones, even with an admin credential.
I get the “Enter Network Password” screen but no credentials work.


What helped me was placing the NAS server name into the Local Intranet zone (Control Panel > Internet Properties > Security > Local Intranet > Sites > Advanced) ex. file://ServerName; http://ServerName; ServerName. (try the IP address if the name does not work - name is better) After adding server name to the Intranet zone, I was able to browse to the shares through the Network on Windows Explorer, map Network Drive with no prompt for username/password. Basically I was able to do what I have not been able to do for the last week. I have drive letters mapped to the main working Shares and to the User share that gets setup when you create a user on the WD NAS. I have a DL-4100 that has been joined to the Windows 7 Workgroup.