Help Setting up MyCloud Folder Permissions

Sorry if this was already answered, but I didn’t see a post answering this…

I have a 4GB MyCloud WDMyCloud v04.01.02-417 : Core F/W (“WD”) and have had some trouble with permissions and sharing.  The NAS is connected to our network rather than to any one PC.  The backups do seem to work fine.


What I’d like to do is:

  1. set up backups to the WD from different locations on 3 computers
  2. put the content of these backups into different shares on WD
  3. access these WD shares in windows explorer from any connected PC provided they have permission to access the share
  4. select which users can access each share on the WD (in windows), in my case I’d like to be able to access all of them from one computer

Problem 1:

If I make a share Public, it can be browsed fine in Windows by all users.  If I put a User with a password on it through the MyCloud web UI, then no one can access this shared folder in Windows explorer any longer, regardless of what user I may have given access to it in the UI.  In some folders when browsing in windows explorer, it doesn’t let me provide credentials to log in, such as my Windows credentials or the username/password I put into the MyCloud UI.  In other cases I do get a login prompt, but none of the credentials I try will work.  I do not know why these folders behave differently, they have the same user permission settings in the UI.  The only way I seem to be able to access these shares is to go into the UI under Retrieve, and even then it must be on the computer from which the files were backed up.

Problem 2:

I would like the files being backed up to land on different shares on WD.  As it is now, they all go into a single SmartWare folder together.  Being on one share is a problem because it seems I must set user permissions at the share level, a user will see all or nothing, so their being combined in one folder is a problem

Can someone assist with this, or is there a link where this is described?  (there is some content in the built-in SmartWare help, but doesn’t quite have what I need)

Welcome to the Community.

Windows should ask for credentials when you try to access a Private share. Check your firewall and network-protection settings on your anti-virus in case this is being blocked.

However, when you mention “Retrieve” that sounds to me like WD SmartWare as opposed to the accessing shares in Windows Explorer. Please be aware WD SmartWare works best with the dedicated WD SmartWare folder. If this is not a viable option then I’d suggest using Windows Backup/File History for private shares.

On Windows I use NovaBACKUP Pro - simple but powerful.

I backup from different drives and folders to different shares using the standard network notation:


In MyCloud you can then assign different users access to the different shares based on the backup content (and even give yourself access to all of them).