Transfer data from Wd tv live hub to my cloud

Besides using a pc to manually transfer the data from the wd live tb hub (1tb) to the my cloud, is there any easier way to get all the data transferred to the my cloud? I would also like it in the public my cloud folder. Somehow, the public folder is disabled in mycloud and I cannot get it to turn on. 

If the Public share’s “Public Access” setting is not selectable, one can (if using older firmware) re-enable it through a bug in the Dashboard coding by trying to change the Public share name. Which will generate an error message, once that message is dismissed the Public Access option becomes selectable and can be set to either “On” or “Off”. Note that with firmware v04.04.00-303 WD has apparently removed this bug so the Public Access setting for the Public share is non selectable.

There are a variety of reasons why it is advisable, contrary to the WD My Cloud User Manual, not to put media in the Public share folder. See the [FAQ] Twonky DLNA Media Server Setup & Use for more information on why its best not to use the Public share folder to store media.

Unless the WD TV Live has its own internal mechanism or the capability to copy files to another network device then your only option is to use either a computer or mobile device to transfer the content from the WD TV Live to the WD My Cloud.

Thank you very much. I have the old firmware so i was able to do it. How do I get the new firmware you mentioned, or is that still in the works?

WD is rolling out the new firmware to users in a staggered pattern. Some have already been updated, others will be updated shortly. One can manually download the new firmware and manually update their My Cloud by downloading the firmware file that was linked to in the New Firmware? thread (on page 2 at the bottom).

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Mine firmware is still on 3xxxxxx. I guess I have to manually install the 4xxxx from the wd site. Then install the latest one which you linked. its weired it would not detect a new firmware from being on version 3xxxxx. (i understand the latest one, its being released in batches but there is one firmware I saw before this one which mycloud would not detect)