My Cloud on my Network seem to be Read Only via my HP Laptop

Good day all,

It seem to me if I access My Cloud via my local net work (My Comp/Network/WD My Cloud /Public etc.) the content is like it is Read Only - I cant copy and past in another folder I can’t move the file from one folder to another, I cant delete in actual fact I cant copy even up-load files from my HP Laptop to the Cloud as stated by the web site.

Web site: WD TV Live

I am unable to drag and drop files in on the My Cloud. How I currently transfer data is to copy from my Laptop to a external drive or memory stick and plug that in to My Cloud and schedule a down load via the dash-port (this is more effort than when I had a standard hard-drive) I know this is the best way of transferring big files but to do this for every other small files is hassle.

Now if I use the I can do the above mentioned (Copy, move and delete files) but I can still not transfer data to the My Cloud.

Now I can use the app on my phone and do all the above mentioned (Copy, move, delete files and transfer files) to My Cloud.

To what I understand you should be able to work on My Cloud from your PC when in the same network?

Any suggestions?

Try checking your NAS’s permissions in the Dashboard and create a new, empty, public share for testing. If a new public share with full permissions refuses to grant your access try testing from a different User Account in your computer since your system be using a read-only account.

Thanks for the reply I would check and give feedback…