This resolved My Cloud sleep mode issue

Wanted to share this as it resolved the non sleep mode issue that my My Cloud was experiencing. I contacted tier 2 tech support and the tech had me do a manual update of the firmware under the dashboard / settings / firmware section which was set to automatic updates and automatically updated in January. This completely resolved the issue and my Cloud has been going into sleep mode. We reinstalled the FW update from January manually. You can get the FW from WD’s website under the My Cloud device that you currently own.

How have you determined it solved the sleep mode issue? You updated from what firmware version to what firmware version?

The following thread is one such way to check when/how long the My Cloud is going to sleep.

We reinstalled the update from January but we did it manually through the dashboard. I can see the blue LED indicator on the front of the device flashing in sleep mode now.

There are still tons of unresolved sleep issues. The main two:

  1. The “wake up at random times” sleep issue.
  2. The “wake up at 2/3am to check for firmware updates even though the user disabled them” issue.