MyCloud Sleep


Suddenly the MyCloud 4TB device has stopped sleeping when there is no activity for few minutes. Made sure the setting is set to ON for Sleep. The curiosity is why has the function stopped working suddenly. Where the blue LED is not constant & slowly toggles between on/off to show its in sleep.

I have disconnected all SMB or FTP shares in all devices just to check if some of the device was constantly trying to access it. Even switched off the cloud access as well.

Is there any way to check what is not letting the MyCloud sleep via SSH or any other mode ?



You could refer to the following link:

If you use the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) and search for “sleep” you will find many past discussions on the infamous lack of sleep issue with these single bay/single drive My Cloud units. Some are able, using SSH to disable various services, to get their My Cloud to sleep for long periods of time. Others, my self included, haven’t had much luck no matter what’s been tried to get one’s My Cloud to sleep for even six hours at a time.

One of the first steps is to use SSH to stop the “wdmcserverd” and “wdphotobmergerd” services. That seems to help some with the sleep issue. Here are a sampling of past discussions on the sleep issue, there are a great many more threads than these.

Because there are two generations of the single bay My Cloud and each used different firmware (first gen v4.x firmware and second gen v2.x firmware) the methods and services to stop to try and deal with the sleep issue may be different.

One issue I’ve experienced that prevents lack of sleep is the fact that any time I boot or bring out of sleep/hibernation mode a Windows PC, it triggers the My Cloud to wake. The issue is apparently related to Samba (SMB).

Not to hijack the thread, but this being a recent one I’ll just ask because one discussion I haven’t been able to find is what are the benefits of trying to get the drive to sleep? I disabled the feature years ago and so far so good…

If the sleep feature actually worked (I gather it does not work well) I’m sure it saves some minor amount of electricity, reduces a little noise, and maybe prolongs the life of the drive from reduced use. But I’m not sure of the scale of the benefits. And somewhere else I read that the repeated stopping and starting of the drive could actually increase wear and tear on the drive relative to running constantly.

Thanks for any thoughts!