Support For My Cloud Changing

We’ve developed a new OS to keep up with evolving security standards. Compatible devices must Upgrade to My Cloud OS 5 by January 15, 2022 . Incompatible devices will lose support on April 15, 2022.

Upgrade to an eligible device.k.


Thoroughly unacceptable. For the cost of these things, using planned obsolescence to rob your customers is absolutely garbage. a 20% off coupon to buy another device from you ,that you will shut down in another few years is laughable. Looks like I am absolutely done with the mycloud products


Folks they are doing to the My Cloud what they did with the My Book Live. Of course there are going to be many who won’t see the email notice or visit WD’s site to see this update on the loss of remote access. The writing was on the wall that this was eventually going to happen after the My Book Live fiasco.

The solution, while not optimal for some, will be to use alternate methods of remote access including using a VPN to the remote network containing the My Cloud. Some consumer routers include the ability to setup a VPN server to facilitate such VPN access to that network.

Edit to add: LAUGH OUT LOUD at the upgrade options for the first gen single bay My Cloud:

Current Device:
My Cloud (P/N: WDBCTLxxxxxxx-00)

Upgrade Option:
My Cloud Home (8TB)​
My Book (12TB)

Hello! would my question be that it will operate as a home server? eg I put a movie on the machine that the tv plays? Thanks!

Yes it will continue to operate as a network attached storage device (and media server if you have that option enabled) on your local network. WD is just killing off the remote access (and it appears the OS3 mobile app, or certain features of the app). See the following WD support article for more:

Q: Will my device stop working if I can’t upgrade to My Cloud OS 5? Will I lose access to my data?
A: Once the services have been shut down, you will still be able to access the device on a local network. However, access through the My Cloud OS 3 mobile app or web app will not be possible. Email notifications also won’t be delivered. Devices that have auto-update enabled will receive a final firmware update to disable remote access and outbound traffic to cloud services. Then, support will end and you’ll have to use the local network to access the device.

Q: I can’t upgrade to My Cloud OS 5, are there compatibility fixes planned for future desktop or mobile OS?
A: My Passport Wireless users will still be able to use the My Cloud OS 3 mobile app. Otherwise, the My Cloud OS 3 app will not be able to access any My Cloud or My Book Live devices.

Woke up to this sad mail from WD. However, after having read it in detail - over and over, I found that it will affect me very little.
I am basically using it as a home network drive and do not access it from the Internet. It primarily stores my files, data and movies which I stream using the Minix media player on the home network…
Am I right in my assumption?

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I have several questions, because I’m not really good at IT things, I hope somebody can give me some clues on this issue.

  • When they say, “you cannot connect remotely”, they mean even if you’re in the same WiFi connection? So you can only connect by LAN?

  • And if the answer is “yes, only by LAN cable” is it possible to connect different PCs in the same MyCloud? For example, if I connect the MyCloud to the router and other PC’s are connected by cable in the same Local Network, I understand that everybody could share the information?

What it makes me doubt is that they recommend to NOT connect the MyCloud to internet, but I guess if I connect it throw the router it could be a problem?

So basically I would like to know if after April my MyCloud will become an external HDD or I can do something else with it. But explained for a dummie :stuck_out_tongue:

I would thank enourmosly any lights on these questions. Thank you so much

What an absolute outrage! I registered here just to tell WD what I think of this.

Not offering future software or firmware updates is an understandable part of technology advancements - I don’t expect the device I buy to be supported and updated forever but cutting off remote access to MyCloud devices and therefore forcing these devices to become obsolete is not only a major environmental issue but absolutely stinks for us customers who gave WD a LOT of money for these devices!

To then finish off the email with a measly 20% off coupon - so that I can be forced into obsolescence by WD again in a few years is absolutely offensive!

I will NEVER buy another Western Digital product. Ever. I will do all that I can to make sure that nobody I know ever gives WD a penny either.

They have made this decision and taken us customers for mugs.

Also, to see a couple of users on this forum defending this corporate forced obsolescence is honestly quite sad. Just wait until you are no longer useful to Western Digital - they will make YOU obsolete, too.


Normally one would connect their My Cloud to a router so all devices that can connect to that router (either by WiFi or by wired Ethernet) can access that My Cloud. If one disables the Remote Access option in the My Cloud Dashboard the My Cloud is still accessible to any device, wired or WiFi, connected to that same local network (via the network router the My Cloud is connected to).

The functionality one is loosing with the termination of OS3 support beyond likely firmware updates for your My Cloud device is the loss of the WD facilitated remote access using the web portal or using the OS3 My Cloud mobile app for iOS or Android. Local network access should still work as it does now.

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Bye bye WD, welcome Synology.
Also HDD.


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I upgraded to OS-5 almost a year ago, but I (and my remote users) keep getting upgrade notices. There is no provision to delete the old OS-3 accounts which no longer work.

  1. how can I stop this nonsense?
  2. should not WD be aware that I already upgraded?

Hello all,

I also received that unacceptable e-mail about discontinuing support. I have the My Cloud Gen 1, 2Xbay.

Let’s assume that I upgrade to an “eligible” device e.g. the My Could EX2 Ultra. Does anybody know if I can move my 2X4Gb drives from Gen 1 to Gen 2? What is the proper procedure to transition from Gen 1 to Gen 2 device? Assume my new Gen 2 device is diskless.

I remember that I was able to access the WD My Cloud first generation via the app locally, being in the same LAN (Wifi). This was apparently cut from the app.
Is there a way to use the WD My Cloud app without remote connection? For me it would be perfect as I can access my LAN via VPN.
Actually it would be a security improvement as the device was not updated in years and likely has security gaps that are not closed.
Dropping support by disabling remote access is not a nice move but may have this one benefit. Still WD should allow local access via the app to e.g. allow photo backup.

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I completely agree with you, the behavior of this company is really crazy. Never again their product!

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This is unbelievable!! the reason I bought this product a few years back is to be free from all the cloud storage restrictions and limitations and I thought this is a very long term product, and this is the exact opposite.
I will definitely not upgrade to a new device with the offending discount which will probably too end up with cutting off support to it in 2026.
Anyway I will continue to use it locally for backing up files and photos from my phone.
To be honest the app was sh!£$%£$% anyway

Solution is simple. Starts with Q like QNAP or S like Synology :slight_smile: