Support For My Cloud Changing

I asked the same to Tech Support.

They told me the only way to access to MyCloudEx2 will be through ethernet cable and connecting the device to LAN or directly to the PC. Never through WiFi, and they recommend to disconnect the PC from the internet while using the device.

It’s disgusting, goodbye WD, hello Synology.

The My Cloud, once WD shuts down remote access, should still be accessible to any device connected to the same local network as the My Cloud. This includes any WiFi devices connected to that that local network. If the the local network access feature of the My Cloud OS3 mobile app no longer works one can use any file manager app that includes local network support on the their mobile device to access the local network My Cloud.

The diskless MyCloud EX2 Ultra is not an “eligible” upgrade. The 16GB ultra is the cheapest option.

I will not be buying a 16GB NAS. I am considering buying just the enclosure. Does anybody know if the Gen 1 disks will work with the Gen 2 enclosure out of the box?

The second gen single bay My Cloud (v2.x/v5.x firmware) uses different firmware and hardware than a first gen single bay My Cloud (v4.x firmware). You will likely have to run one of the unbrick procedures for the second gen on that first gen’s hard drive. Such an unbrick procedure may involve removing and recreating the various partitions on the first gen hard drive resulting in loss of user data. One should backup any data from the hard drive before attempting to unbrick it to run in a new enclosure that isn’t the same as the enclose the hard drive came from.

If you get the 2bay gen 2 enclosure (mirror or ex2ultra) the drive should work. Don’t know where you could find a single bay driveless MyCloud.

You aqre right, I would rather spend money on QNAP or Synalogy than to take the 20% coupon and purchase another WD product whcich again will render obsolete in a few years time.

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I wonder if remote access removal is a reaction to the My Book Lives being remote wiped a few months ago by hackers using WDs unpatched OS? Seems like it

“Devices that have auto-update enabled will receive a final firmware update to disable remote access and outbound traffic to cloud services”

Probably a stupid question, but does this mean that if you don’t have auto-update enabled and don’t receive this final firmware update, then remote access and outbound traffic to cloud services won’t be disabled?

my experience with my cloud has been that it’s completely unreliable and almost useless at times…have never consistently been able to connect remotely and now cant even move files off of it to another NAS as it keeps disconnecting. Good riddance I say. So happy with my new Synology NAS which is so much more stable and reliable. Will not be buying any WD products again (although the phone support guy was helpful without asking for S/N or anything…we will see. Move on people.

Why would I want to buy a new one when my existing one is not that old and functions perfectly??
Why not offer a bare caddy that I could fit my existing hdd in??
Or an exchange program at a vastly reduced price??
I though we were supposed to be trying to cut down on landfill!
Would you like users to return their obsolete products to you for end of life disposal as obliged to by WEEE directive??

Poor service from a respected (up to now) company!

Must do better

Who the hell you are think you are?!

This is my device, I paid for it, and now you force me to buy a new device?!

The remote access is a part of the service that I’ve paid for with my money !!

If I were in the USA I would take you to court for that !!!

I don’t care that you do support or not support, you don’t have any right to shutdown this service because you decided not to develop security updates, if I won’t be able to log in through the cloud then it mean that the device is not CLOUD any more !!

You don’t want to develop security updates it’s ok with me, but leave the choice of access cloud to me only !

I have the first single bay of Mycloud, and I can’t update it to the OS5
This is my current FW: WDMyCloud v04.05.00-353 : Core F/W
Can I update it?

WD has left the choice of remote access to your My Cloud up to you. You have the option to setup your own methods of remote access that do not rely on WD servers or WD mobile apps. Your options for remote access include; (insecure) FTP, and VPN. You may loose some capabilities but you can regain remote access to your My Cloud when WD terminates OS3 support.

You are absolutely spot on, it’s simply a disgusting and unethical practice.

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The point is to use the app to upload Pictures and stuff through the Mobile app… not through VPN or FTP

Whether you like it or not you have options when WD terminates OS3 support. Those options include buying another manufacture’s product. Those options likely involve additional work or configuration on the end user’s part if they want to retain using an OS3 My Cloud device and have remote access to that device. We My Cloud users may not like those options, and they may not be optimal, but they are available options to we end users of the OS3 My Cloud devices. Point is, there are choices. One can choose to avail themselves of those options or not, its up to the end user.

One can still upload “pictures and stuff” from their mobile device using VPN or FTP. One may have to use a combination of apps to accomplish the process but it can be done.

Hi WD,
I have a good suggestion: it is the MyCloud device, the embedded software, that does not fulfill demands anymore. But everybody has one or more disks in the device.

Can you not supply a different embedded board, I would pay for it.

Or can you supply a way to keep using the hard disks in new devices. We cannot copy them because then we would need to have the old disks and new disk.

20% is not much by the way, I can easily get that reduction by going to the right supplier. Now, if you would offer 50% however, I am sure I will switch over, as would many others do.

Smells of a failing product line to me. Sales of new kit is lower year on year due to younger generations being tech savvy and avoiding WD. Only option is for them to try and create a way to force users to update to maintain a service they paid a premium price for.

Can someone explain what is changing re ‘support’? I received the announcement but am unsure how my access to my device will change. I access it from my home network, and also through an app on my phone when away from home, and remotely from another location via laptop. Will I no longer have access when away from home?