Stuck on blinking white light no access

I got this issue also. Did you fix yours?

I’m seriously annoyed! I bought this unit 3 months ago & I’m almost done transferring my 1gb of data to the unit before backing it up, & I’ve been hit with this!

ALL of my data is locked on this unit & WD have no solutions & say data recovery is not their issue. I’ve tried everything on here, has anyone got any other solutions?

Also, how reliable are these things, because I bout a DUO 4 weeks ago & I’m scared the same thing will happen.

PeterGL’s post worked for me too.

How about several days?

i swear to god WD, don’t sell me this ■■■■! It is slow when it works, a bloody nightmare when it doesn’t.

This product should be stopped and recalled with a full refund and apology

Worked for me too. Performed data erase then factory 40s and 60s resets and had unresponsive unit. Performed above actions and system rest ok.