Streaming from home network

Thanks for your patience…all this Pers. My Cloud stuff is brand new to me. Got it all up and running, uploaded a few MP4 videos (to test streaming), but my other 2 home PC’s will not play the videos. It displays “no default association for MP4 files available”. I play/and always have played all types vids now from internal WD’s using Win Media Player or VLC Player. I checked all the cloud media settings in Dashboard so I must be missing something else. Thanks in advance for any help. Jeepman

Nothing got to do with the nas. One of the ways, shift + right click on the mp4 file, open with, find vlc or wmp, choose always open with the app (something like that, replying from my mobile).

Thanks Nazar but that’s all history. I have played videos (all associated to/with VLC player as default player) of all types  for several years.right from my 3 internal drives. I had 2 more ideas after I posted this but they didn’t help to solve my issue.