My Cloud and Plex

Hi, I recently bought a WD MyCloud NAS as I was looking to backup my photo’s and data as well as stream video’s to my LG TV through a media server. I was hoping to use Plex but I can’t seem to get it to work. Are there any alternative options or any tricks you might be aware of that might work? I’m a bit baffled that in 2016, the only option seems to be to use the NAS as a external hard drive.

Also, (and I’m not sure if this is related) but I can’t play all video files from the NAS through the input route to the TV. I have to copy the file to a normal ext hdd and then it will play.

Any help will be appreciated.

Depending on whether you have a Gen1 or Gen2 MyCloud, you can use debian or OMV on it to load plexmediaserver. I had plex on my old gen1 mycloud, for Gen2, you might have to use chrooted debian jessie in order to use plex. Both are available here.

Or you could use twonky… lol

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For why you are having trouble wit PLEX, see this:

As for not being able to view all videos, it is because your NAS is acting as a DLNA media server and not all video files are DLNA compatible.

The My Cloud also can act as a network share, so when you view that way, all works better, and why when you go view it directly from a drive you can see it.

I’m a bit baffled that in 2016, the only option seems to be to use the NAS as a external hard drive.

ONLY because you do not fully understand what is going on here and how to fully use the My Cloud box. You are now a little better informed, but there is still lots more to know about using all this stuff.

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Thanks. Are you saying if I install Plex on my laptop and then connect through there, I’ll be able to use Plex even though the files are stored on the NAS as long as map it as a drive on the laptop?

You may be able to, and your NAS should already be able to be seen as both a server and a share by your PC. Maybe you should spend time checking this out, and download the My Cloud user manual from WD main site before you fool with PLEX. There are better ways to view movies other than using PLEX. I have PLEX installed and do not use it. It’s not a favorite program of mine.

Good luck with it all.

Thanks but I definitely don’t have the technical skills to do this. I’ll have to figure out a work around.

The “workaround” is to get better educated about the technical equipment you just bought.

Yeah, I can see both already on my laptop. What I really want is to be able to control everything via my TV when watching.

The workaround comment was a reply to Bob’s comment. Not to yours.

If you have a gen2 mycloud, plex setup is fairly easy with chroot.

I’m assuming you have prior experience with installing plex onto a server though, it’s not a simple package you can apt-get install. There are guides for this on htpcguides, just use the same guide as raspberry pi

DAVIID: Well, my comment was made as a reply to “workaround” not to anyone in particular. I do see what you mean about Bob’s comment, it is “too technical” and likely not a good idea, because the basic My Cloud hasn’t the horsepower to do it well. Anything else said here was definitely directed to you.

Yeah, I can see both already on my laptop. What I really want is to be able to control everything via my TV when watching.

Yea. don’t we all. My go-to device to see media from my NAS is the WDTV, It sees NAS as server or share. I can also see movies on Roku, Chromecast, FireTV and mobile devices, too.
Tell me exactly what equipment you will be using and I can help.

BTW, since you see your NAS twice on your PC, if when you first look in contents one way, and if you see Music, Photos and Videos folders, that is seeing it as a DLNA server. If you look in the other listing on the PC and see “normal” folders on your NAS, you are seeing it as a share. There are some major differences accessing from one or the other. No time to explain it all now. Maybe later.

First you didn’t indicate which My Cloud model you purchased. Or which version (v4.x or v2.x) if the single bay My Cloud model.

It appears you may not fully understand what an NAS is. It is quite simply Network Attached Storage. It is in effect an external hard drive that attaches to the network rather than an individual computer. From there the NAS may have additional features like remote access, media server, etc. The single bay My Cloud devices are marketed as a low cost entry level NAS device with certain limited capabilities, Official Plex support is not one of those capabilities at this time. The single bay My Cloud devices have limited hardware that make trying to unofficially install and run Plex or other OS/modules/features found on more expensive, more hardware capable NAS boxes a challenge.

At this time the single bay My Cloud is not officially supported by Plex. For official Plex support one has to purchase one of the more expensive My Cloud models that include Plex support. See the following Plex document for officially supported Plex NAS drives: NAS Compatibility Guide

At this time the following WD My Cloud modes are supported by Plex. Note that in most if not all cases transcoding from one format to another may not be possible on these WD models due to hardware used.

My Cloud EX4
My Cloud Mirror Gen1
My Cloud EX2
My Cloud EX2100
My Cloud EX4100
My Cloud DL2100
My Cloud DL4100

As indicated above there are unofficial ways to try and add Plex to the My Cloud but it may depend on which version of the My Cloud and which model one is using.

A workaround to this issue is to install the Plex Server to a Windows (or other OS) computer and configure the Plex Server to use the My Cloud as a storage location (its what I do with my little used Plex server). Or another option is one could go an alternate route and use a low cost Android box and run Kodi which is similar to Plex in many respects. The Kodi server would also use the My Cloud as a storage location.

The single bay My Cloud devices include the Twonky Media Server which will allow any DLNA enabled client (like a smartTV, Roku, Windows Media Player, etc.) to access the My Cloud using DLNA to stream DLNA supported media. Note that what DLNA supported media that can be played by the client is dependent on what media the DLNA client can support. The single bay My Cloud also supports iTunes through the use of the included iTunes Server within the My Cloud.

As always it is recommended, if one hasn’t done so already, to read the My Cloud User Manual ( to understand all the options and features of the My Cloud and how to use/configure them.

Thanks for all the advice.

This is my current equipment.

Decent spec laptop - W10
MyCloud 3TB NAS (Model - WDBCTL0030HWT-EESN)
LG TV (Model 47LA620V)
BT Home Hub Router on Fibre (Laptop currently only connecting in the Wifi)

I have downloaded Plex and can see it on my TV but it isn’t launching on my laptop…

I definitely do not want to start playing around with the coding so if anyone can help with another way of setting this up, I would appreciate it

Did you download and install the Plex Media Server?

Have you taken a look at the Plex Quick Start Guide?

And what does “isn’t launching on m laptop” actually mean? Launch what? The Plex Media Server? The Plex Media Server typically should load a startup and when running there is typically a Plex icon in the Windows task tray.