New user - simple question - I hope


Recently installed WD Mycloud and it connects to my home network OK and I can share and stream files OK too.

What I cannot do is connect to the Dashboard. I did a search on the forum and the URL seems to be but I just get 404 page not found.

I have tested IP address, reserved it etc.

My ultimate is to enable DLNA …I also read the FAQ about that and it says to go to the dashboard and set two controls but I have no idea how to get to those control settings.

I really don’t want to reset the NAS hopefully.

Thanks in Advance,

Well you’re posting my cloud HOME, and describing a MY CLOUD -So which one do you actually have??

If it’s a My cloud HOME then there is no Dashboard…

If it’s NOT a home , then you’re posting in wrong section…

Well there you go … it’s a MY CLOUD HOME.

So no dashboard - thanks.

So does it support DLNA ? If so, how to enable it ?

Thanks again.

Oh OK - I think I answered my own question - thru SSH ?


Enable plex, in plex settings there’san option to enable it…

Beautiful ! I can now see my NAS, I can see the playlists I created in Plex and the video folder I already created, but no content.

I will have a play and see if I can figure it out.

Does Plex support most video formats ?

Thanks again - much appreciate your help.


Plex creates the media folders you need to use…making your own folders won’t work.:.

Yeah thanks, I figured it out.