Plex on MyCloudHome

I have just received a new MyCloudHome direct from WD by way of a reduced price warranty replacement for my defunct MyBookLive. I want to set up Plex on the MCH but the app doesn’t seem to be installed and there isn’t a “services” tab on my dashboard. Anyone have any suggestions?

“Do more” button somewhere on the upper left side.

Got it - many thanks! But good heavens that was very well hidden!

Other MCH users seem to have been complaining about the lack of update for Plex in the past days on the forum.

I used Plex elsewhere on an older MCH but I’m not sure how up to date the software is.

I’m now trying to stream to my Denon AVR from Plex on the MCH. It says I need to activate the Plex DLNA feature to do this but I can’t find the setting. I don’t suppose you can help me with that, by any chance?