Recieved MyCloud as a gift and have some questions


Apologies if this isn’t the place to post my questions, but after doing some Google searches I’ve ended up more confused about the MyCloud than when I started. 

I have been talking about getting a NAS drive for a while and I was lucky enough to recieve the MyCloud as a present. However before opening it, which would stop my ability to return it, I was hoping that you’d be able to tell me whether or not the MyCloud will work in the way I would need it to, or whether I’d be better exchanging it for another better suited WD product. 

I have a very poor internet connection and so I was wondering if I want to stream the media that I store on the MyCloud to my TV or laptop whether I have to do this over the internet or whether I can do this via LAN, and if so how easy it is to set up?

I was also wondering whether the only way to upload media to the device is to do so over the internet? This is less of a problem as I can set it running overnight! 

These probably seem like really obvious questions but I’ve found myself a bit lost so any help would be appreciated!



Check this link out My Cloud │How it Works.

You can visit the Learning Center too for more information.

Here is a link to the User Manual.

Setting up your LAN and Remote Access will be explained in the User Manual.

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cat0w (USA)

Internet connection is not required except for remote access and FW upgrades. You will be fine with your local usage as long as you LAN is reliable. 

On a local network I suggest File Explorer/Finder for most computer access.

the TV will need DLNA capability, not all do. I have 1 “smart” TV that dosen’t and one regular TV that does