Quick questions

Hi all,

Just got a 4tb version and have some questions which hopefully some of you may be able to answer?

  1. I cant seem to get Plex to see the device or even plex media server on my samsung tv?

  2. Can some kind of file viewer be used if I can get the above to work?

  3. Was this thing really worth the money or should I have just built a media pc?



Hi mikejasonsmith, 

1- Both devices must be connected to the same router, with the same workgroup and IP range. 

2- You can access media content on the My Cloud by means of network shares or through the Twonky media server. Shares, similar to folders or directories, are areas set up to organize media and access them from your network. 

3- It all really depends on your needs, for media streaming the My Cloud is a really flexible device to share your media on the network, it is also a lot cheaper an power friendly than a PC. 

Have you installed the plex media server on a PC or Mac on the same network? As you need the server running not just the Plex app for Samsung on your TV. Also like said above you can just stream to your TV but using Plex youll need the Plex server installed.