Smart TV Samsung & My Cloud


(sorry for my bad english)
I am looking for a system that enables me to watch my videos (that are storaged for example in My Cloud) at my Smart TV.
Somebody can tell me if this is possible to do via wify? What is the quality of the transmission?
Where can I get a good documentation that explains this subject?



Hi the MyCloud Mirror NAS can do this.

If you install Plex on your Samsung TV via the apps menu on your tv and you can also install Plex (media server) on your MyCloud Mirror. Plex will organise your movie files and these will show up on Plex on your tv.


Look up DLNA. It’s a system for streaming digital media between devices. It is likely that your smart TV will have a DLNA client.

Your router may provide a DLNA server for an HDD plugged into a USB port (if it has one; many do, e.g. Belkin, Technicolor).

Or you can buy any of the MyCloud family, and use the Twonky DLNA media server that is built in to it.

If your smart TV is based on a fairly open version of Android (that allows you to install apps from the Play store), you may be able to install Kodi and access a file server, again, either provided by your router, or by a MyCloud.

Yes, it is possible via WiFi, provided you have a router that provides wireless access.


How is your home network setup? Since you have a smart TV you should not have a problem. Find the link to your videos, then you should be able to choose WD My Cloud and the videos/movies you want to watch.

Below are pictures from my smart TV. Click on, tap or activate images to enlarge them.

Here, after selecting Videos on my TV I select WDMYCLOUD.

After opening WDMYCLOUD I select Videos and then I select what I want to watch.

My My Cloud is connected to my Linksys Router WRT3200ACM and my TV plays my music, videos and displays my pictures over my wifi.

Documentation should have come with your TV.


Many thanks cat0w.

At the connection MyCloud- Smart tv, can you use subtitles (*.srt) if they have the same name and they are in same folder that the film?


Thank you very much.


I have tried PLEX between my PC and Smart TV , the problen are the subtitles. I do not see them at TV.
(The films and subtitles are at the PC.)


OK. I will study your comments. Thank you very much.


You asked, “At the connection MyCloud- Smart tv, can you use subtitles (*.srt) if they have the same name and they are in same folder that the film?”

You need to look at the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud. See CH. 11.

I will add this as I don’t know much about .srt subtitles.


I do :confused: … there is NO NEED to re-encode a video file to ‘embedd’ a srt file !

To embedd ie ‘mux’ a srt file into a video container … it is very quick, no re-encoding, no quality loss. External subtitles need to be embedded into the video file for DLNA servers to display them.

100% Freeware Tools: (that support a lot of tasks … embedding subtitles is one of them)

MKV > use MKVMerge (intsalled with MKVToolNix)

MP4 > use MyMP4Box GUI


good help. thank you very much.


Yes this is a solution for subtitles. Thank you very much


This is how I use to connect with my last mycloud, Id see the device as a component on my smart TV input list. I just purchased a new mycloud home and I cant see it any longer and I don’t see a method to share my video folder I created.
I only see a option to share a link with someone. How do I see my mycloud on my TV again?

Important - changes

Sadly, the MyCloud Home is a completely different product, and bears little resemblance to the MyCloud.


Does that mean it is no longer possible


It seems with the My Cloud Home to enable DLNA Media Streaming you have to configure Plex for My Cloud Home.

Which sounds like they dropped support for Twonky Media Server on the My Cloud Home (which the older My Cloud’s do support)


The following WD Knowledgebase article may also be relevant.


Thanks, I had this loaded and can see the PLEX server as a device on the input screen of my TV but it has no content in the files and I have them all in plex. Who do i share it?


Hi, the problem that you can’t watch video on your smart TV probably is the format incompatibility. This is easy to handle with a free video converter like HandBrake to convert video for streaming video on TV.