What Smart Tv will stream from wd mycloud?

I am looking for a 32 inch smart tv that is capable of streaming from my wd mycloud without any other device. Does anyone know of one that will work??


I do not.

However, I would advise against that, “smart” TVs are not quite there yet, improving everyday though.

For $40-$100 you can find plenty of devices which will outsmart any TV these days. Fire TV stick and Raspberry Pi 2 being the cheapest ones for $50 or less. Then you have the Nexus player and other devices for a bit more.

As far as I know: Fire TV isn’t DLNA compatible.

josh3684: I think any actual smart tv (with DLNA) will do the job.

Fire TV is Android with an Amazon wrapper.

You can load apps on to it that support DLNA.
Just like you can load apps onto a plain vanilla Android box to support DLNA.

Kodi is a good example of a media player app that supports DLNA (and SMB) and will run on Android and Fire.

To the OP: if you’re stuck on a ‘Smart TV’, look for one that says it has a DLNA-compliant media browser/player, or can load apps to support it.

Like Shabuboy, I’m still not convinced that ‘Smart TVs’ are a good idea, although they are improving. Their app support is often very limited, often via their own, very limited app store; the apps available are not updated very often, and support for the device stops as soon as a new model is released, and there’s often a significant markup for ‘smart’ functions (although this seems to be falling rapidly).

There are hundreds of generic Android media boxes, supporting 4K, H265, etc. which will run a whole host of media apps straight from the Play store.

See this thread for a related discussion:

Thanks cpt_paranoia for the explanation. I see - codi will work on fire tv.

I’m not a big fan of smat tvs but the TO says explicit [quote=“josh3684, post:1, topic:148603”]
without any other device[/quote],

If looking at a Smart TV only solution one should be aware that more than a few people have reported problems using a My Cloud with a Samsung Smart TV. Search the forum to find numerous threads discussing Samsung TV’s and the My Cloud.

By using a separate device like the Amazon Fire TV, Roku, ChromeCast, or similar devices one gains added features and options not only just being able to stream from the My Cloud and its embedded Twonky media server.

Hey @nogood , yes I saw the “without any other device” comment as well. Sadly, there was no mention if a comparison between Smart TVs vs Media players had been done. It was just my .02…

Samsung ue40h6500 works with mycloud. Just connect it to the same network.

Samsung UE32J6300 als works fine.

Any properly set up Smart TV should be able to find and play any DLNA media.

A friend’s new Samsung Smart TV cannot open video files with the (Apple) m4v extension, because the Samsung is too DUMB to know that an m4v file is nothing but an mp4 file by another name. Friend just needed to change m4v extension to mp4 and it played like any other mp4 file.

Most devices (other than Smart TVs) are smart enough to figure out this little mystery, So, who wants a Smart TV if they are so “dumb”? Even my old WDTV can play files with either extension name!

My Samsung LE46C750, bought in 2012 but I think it’s a model from 2010 or thereabouts, works brilliantly with these drives. In fact, before I had this TV I already had an original 1tb Mybook World which I manually installed Twonky Media Server onto and watched the files on my PS3. I was impressed to find that the new TV played even more file types than the PS3, so I could watch HD without transcoding MKV to MPG and the TV also has support for soft subtitles and 3D. So I was happy that the 3 WD NAS drives I’ve had since then (World 2tb, Live 3tb and now Cloud 4tb) have all one with Twonky pre installed and the TV has worked great with all of them. So I would recommend Samsung and I assume their smart TV media players have only gotten better over the last 5 years.

I have a Fire stick, but I don’t know how to use it to stream my music (organized by iTUnes) from my My Cloud. Help?

You will need a UPnP/DLNA client app for the fire stick.

Then you will need to setup up the Twonky DLNA media server on the MyCloud. Start by reading the user manual.

Alternatively, you could run an app that accesses the MyCloud file server directly, such as Kodi.