Samsung TV app?

What is the easiest way to access a remote My Cloud device from a Samsung Smart TV? I’m talking about a very new TV from may of this year with integrated Wifi and all that. I hope there’s maybe a WD My Cloud app on the Samsung TV App Store?

Most ‘smart TVs’ have a DLNA media client app built in, which will stream from mycloud’s Twonky server, with varying degrees of success. Samsung don’t seem to have the best reputation; search for threads here.

From the ‘Samsung tv app store’ reference, I guess it’s not a plain vanilla android tv?

I wouldn’t use the WD MyCloud app for local use, not if given the choice of media apps from the Play Store. I don’t think there 's any chance of it anyway, as WD can’t even support Windows phone.

Posted from a generic android media box and 40" TV, using Chrome, and running Kodi, BubbleUPnP, VLC, YouTube, various catchup tv apps, FileManager, ConnectBot, TerminalEmulator, etc. etc…

Don’t get high hopes for Samsung TV app store, I gave up on it even for one of their flagship TV. If you’re just DLNA`in music/pics/vids just use the build-in DLNA client. If you need more power, like @cpt_paranoia mentioned, get an android box HDMI to your TV.

I keep saying this on other threads… Smart TVs not that Smart, yet.

Get a $35 Fire TV stick or any other cheap but a lot more powerful device than any Smart TV.

All those programs mentioned by @cpt_paranoia are an option.

I’ve just purchased a new Samsung TV and “My Cloud” appears as one of the “Sources”. I just select it and then I can browse my folders/files.

So easy

thank you useful info…