Watching media from a WD My Cloud on a Sony Bravia smart TV - is it possible?

I want to transfer media files from my Win 10 PC to a device in my living room, via my home wifi network, that will store those media files and be able to connect it to my TV for viewing. Will the WD My Cloud allow me to do this and if so what are the connections I should use?

Nope… You can’t connect a My Cloud (or Home) to a TV.

Now, if your TV has a DLNA player or Plex, then a My Cloud can stream the media over the network, and the My Cloud Home includes Plex server.

which, i would assume, all Smart TV’s have … Including Sony Bravia Smart TV’s

@frednurke Both of my WD My Clouds, 1st and a 2nd generation, are connected to my router as shown in the User Manuals and I am able to view everything on them with my Sony Bravia Smart TV.

I would not assume all smart TV’s have a DLNA player. There are varying levels of SMART.

The only way I stay sane with the TV stuff is to use a streaming stick (in my case: Roku); That way, I don’t worry about having different experiences with different TV’s. I believe most streaming sticks will support both PLEX and some sort of DLNA media player.

Thanks for all the help & suggestions.