How do i get mycloud to work with samsung series 8 smart tv

How do i get mycloud to work with samsung series 8 smart tv

What specific My Cloud device do you have? Is it a single bay My Cloud or a multi bay My Cloud model?

What are you trying to do? Stream media files from the My Cloud?

Generally, since this subforum typically discusses the single bay/single drive OS3 (v4.x or v2.x firmware) one would use the embedded Twonky media server to stream media from their My Cloud to smart TV’s. The smart TV will need to be connected to the same local network as the My Cloud, and have an “app” or similar option within smart TV menu system to access network devices using SMB or DLNA. If using DLNA one will need to ensure Media Serving is enabled on the My Cloud Shares (see the My Cloud Dashboard > Shares tab).

Do you have the 1st generation WDMYCLOUD OS3 Firmware 04.xx.xx? Do you have it set up on your home network? Is your smart TV on the network too? Have you tried to look at anything on the TV?

My TV is a Sony and it does work with the My Cloud. I use the apps that are on my TV for playing music and watching videos. See image below. I can use the browser to open my documents.

I have OS3 and version 4 firmware, I bought the drive around 2015. It is set up on my home network. My Samsung is on the network as well. I have looked on the tv and do not see the WD drive anywhere.
I did have it working at one point, however, when I purchased a new computer a few months back, that is the timeframe when it disappeared from my tv. I went into Twonky and adjusted the settings accordingly with no results. There is no DLNA or SMB option for Samsung smart tv.
Please advise further, Thank, You, Don

WD My Cloud shows on my TV under the apps I am showing video and Music. If I want to open it in the browser the address I use for my 1st generation is \\WDMYCLOUD.

Make sure DHCP/DLNA are turned on/SMB MAX is set to 3 on the mycloud. Then your TV should be able to connect to it. If you can’t see it, the issue is probably with the TV, not the NAS. Changing computers shouldn’t make any difference but you may have done something when you messed with Twonky. Exactly which Samsung model do you have?

Edit: And if you can’t figure this out, buy an Amazon firestick and load Kodi on it - that will play back videos/music/pictures from any NAS.