Can't access to MyCloud from Samsung Smart TV

I have this network profile. Desktop PC can reach MyCloud. No problem with that.

In my Smart TV (connected same wifi) , i can see MyCloud and i click it. but it shows there is nothng inside…

how can u help me to solve this?

What do you want to see? Media? Or all files?

Few ‘smart’ TVs have filer server support, but they do usually have DLNA media server support.

So, have you enabled the DLNA server in the MyCloud? (Media streaming).

Have you enabled media serving on the shares holding your media?

These services are described in the user manual.

I found the solution. Im very new to this product. I had to move folders into “Public” folder :slight_smile: after that i saw the docs.

You don’t have to put media in ‘Public’; you can put it anywhere. See the FAQ for details. In particular ‘Q. Where should I put my media so Twonky finds it?’