WD my cloud with samsung smart tv

Ive recently bought a Samsung smart tv and blu ray player and I cant seem to get mycloud to connect properly. I can see some shares and the public shares but not all of them. Its set up with media sharing to on…

Any ideas?

Please visit the following thread. It may be able to point you in the right direction:

is media sharing on for each share that you want to use? can you see them with Windows media player?

“Smart” does not mean it supports DLNA. I have a “Smart” blu ray player with no DLNA and a non-smart TV with DLNA.

Also there is a lot of compatibility issues between DLNA server and clients. My TV will not communicate reliably with the mycloud, it is fine with Window media player. my PS3 works fine with the mycould & windows media player.

Do you “smart” devices support SMB media? If so it will be more reliable


Sorry to write to this old post, but I think people like me could looking for a solution for the connection with a Samsung TV and maybe a couple of tips that workewd out for me, could work out for them.

So, after a few days trying to connect MY CLOUD (6T, gen2, firmware 2.29.119 and twonky server v.7.2.9-11) to my Samsung TV (8 Series - UN48H8000), all I got was seeing MY CLOUD device at my SOURCE options, couldn’t see any files. After some changes, I got the files, but could not start the movies. Got many kind of errors, like “no support for this file”, to “verify network connections”.

For information. All my movies is stored in a “Movies” folders, and each movie has its own folder with the movie it self and the .SRT file.
I was using wi-fi connection (router - TV).

The solution to see the folders and the files:
At Twonky configuration page, “Sharing” option, in the fields where you need to inform the folders that your media is located, by default, system do not put “/” in the end of it. All I have to do is to put it manually. (ex. After point my Movies folder, the system wrote “/Movies”. I just change it to “/Movies/”)
With this step, I got all the folders and files listed at my TV.

The solution to play the movies:
So, after that, I tryed to play the movies, and received many kind of errors like told before. But knew was anything wrong, couse the TV read that kind of file and confirmed that Twonky version also read. Tryed to connect the TV directly with a lan cable.
The movies started to play nice and smoth.

Hope these tips that worked for me could help some one.

Best regards,