Can Samsung Smart TV aceess My Cloud over the internet?

My grandfather can access my My Cloud drive and watch the home videos stored on it.
He live in California and I live in Delaware. He watches them using his laptop and the
My Cloud software. Then his mirrors the laptop screen to the Samsung Smart TV.

I’m just wondering if is possible for him to use the Samsung Smart TV to directly access
and play the videos stored on my My Cloud drive?


I take he is connected to the internet so if his smart TV has a browser he should be able to using his user name and password. The only way to know is for him to try.


The question you need to ask is if the TV has a “DLNA” compliant media player installed on it. If it does, it can access the MyCloud’s DLNA compliant media server. I would check the TV’s user manual or contact Samsung. You should also check to make sure the software on the TV is up to date if it has the ability to connect to the Internet.

Over the local network, yes. But not remotely, over the Internet. DLNA is a local area network access protocol, and does not support wide area network access.

As cat0w suggests, a browser accessing might be a possibility, but it would require the browser to have media codec support. IME, ‘smart TV’ browsers are pretty low function, and may not have adequate codec support.

Probably not unless the Samsung Smart TV has an internet web browsing interface to access web portal.

If the Samsung Smart TV supports the Plex App (see this link for supported Plex app Smart TV models) it may be possible to use Plex to remote access a Plex Server that would then pull media from a My Cloud (or if one has an official Plex supported My Cloud model other than the single bay My Cloud’s).

Or as others suggest there is Kodi or other similar devices (including Roku loaded with the Plex app) that may be able to remote stream content from a My Cloud (or Plex server via Plex app/channel).

Generally the DNLA protocol used by many Smart TV’s DLNA clients do not support streaming over the internet.

If Gramps has a tablet, he can directly access video from the MC and watch them.
I do with MC app on my iPad. He likely can port it (mirror) to TV via the tablet with the right cable, but that’s a hassle when the tablet has a great screen; just smaller.