WD My Cloud streaming on TV outside the network


Is there any possibility to access a Smart TV, which is outside of my network, to my data in the cloud? An app I have not found in the store from the TV. I’m looking for an APP as like as on my iPhone. I also could connect to my cloud even when I’m at the other side of our planet. That should be possible with a TV too?!

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it depends on what your TV provides as smart TVs are not standard. Generally they will use DLNA for streaming which is a local protocol only so can’t be used remotly

one possiablity is if you routers support a VPN connection between them which is more liklye if you have 2 of the same routers. this will back the 2 LANs efectivly become 1. I have not looked to see what the availability of this is

Thank you for your reply. I dont want to stream via VPN Connection, because if I’m at my friends I just want to go a simple way to watch my movies instead of changing any option between our router or anything else.

otherwise I have to stream on my laptop and connect the laptop via HDMI to my TV.

But I thought there is any other way like an unkown app in a store :wink:

Also consider your internet uplink rate: if you get internet access via a phone line ADSL connection, you’re unlikely to get much more than 1 Mbps; probably not enough for video streaming anyway…

If you have cable or fibre internet, your uplink rate should be okay.

I’ve got VDSL 25.000 with an upload of 4.676 kbit/s.

Do I have enough for streaming? 

I think its the best way when I try it by myself at next possible situation :smiley:

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my brother watched a video from a different place on his PC about my Cloud Drive and he doesn’t have any problems. No buffering no freezing… btw at the time I tried to play Battlefield 4 on that internet connection where the video was streaming from! The result: No problem for both users!!

Streaming outside LAN is not only app dependent, TV, devices connected to it and bandwidth plays a part too.

There are several methods you achieve this. The simplest without transcoding is to do it via AirPlay or HDMI connected to the TV  together with WD’s phone app.

Below is my setup whenever I stream while on holiday using WD app and MX Player (for Iphone just use WD app and any suitable media player app):

WDMyCloud -> WAN -> Note3 -> AllShareCast/HDMI -> TV.

Depending on the bandwidths(ISP+AC/N-mode) at that area, I could stream a 15Gb 1080p MKV smoothly.

Hope it helps.

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Right, so you’re using the WD App on the Note 3 to get remote file access to your MC (i.e. not using DLNA media server on the MyCloud, or DLNA media player on the Note 3), then using a media player on your Note 3 to render this remote file, and using a TV as a large display for the renderer.

All fairly standard cloud access stuff, with the little twist at the end to get the video to the TV’s screen.


Correct. Testing now using 4G network (don’t have wifi access currently). But still streams smoothly, a 15Gb 1080p side-by-side 3D mode with embedded subs casted on a Samsung 3D TV.

 But still streams smoothly, a 15Gb 1080p side-by-side 3D mode 

Nice.  Now, where did I put that ‘Oculus Thrift’…?