Will Plex ever be available on the MyCloud 4tb?

Hey guys. I got super excited when I heard Plex is now available on WD MyCloud. However I only have the white 4tb version that doesn’t seem to be compatible…

Does anyone know why this is and if its something they may have planned for the near future?

Thanks you for your time.

PLEX is very processor and memory intensive and why it is only available on the top of line WD NAS devices. People who have installed PLEX on lower end My Clouds report back with disappointing results like (not worth doing; it is painfully slow).


Thanks mate. Guess I’ll have to upgrade :frowning:

+1! That’s true.

BTW, the upper end NAS (with added 4GB memory) I run Plex on is a Dl2100.
My problem is I really don’t care for the graphical overkill of Plex at all. Too glitzy to get the basic job done for my taste.

hmmm, do you have an equivalent / better option that you use?

Yes, my go-to device for accessing my media (music, and videos) from the My Cloud is to use my WDTV media player. It also can get media from two HDs attached to the WDTV that are full and why I now have a My Cloud now as well.

The WDTV is wired to my gigabit home network, so no slower and pesky wireless issues to deal with. Being hardware, all the media decoding is done by the device when used as a network shared device. For DLNA streaming from the NAS, the Twonky server inside NAS does the decoding and works just as well.

Not every file type is streamable via DLNA; specifically ISO files of movie DVDs. I have a lot of these files, so to watch them on my TV, the WDTV must be used in Network share mode, and has the hardware inside to decode the ISO files coming from the NAS.

A problem with the WDTV is that there has not be a new model of it for over a year, and no previous new ones are in stock anywhere. It appears to be an endangered species today. Best bet for one is to check eBay, and then you need to know which model you are looking for, and most are used units at a high price, anyway.

What to do now if I had to replace my WDTV if it broke I would look for another hardware device that can be wired to the network; most all devices are wireless; fewer are both; with wired option as well. I would have to find a device that can access and play ISO files. DLNA-only is not an option for me. I have heard of Ppople replacing their WDTV with a Chromebox, and there are various makers of Chrome boxes. I haven’t looked closely into this.

I can stream DLNA-compliant files to my , WDTV as well as to Roku, FireTV stick and Chromecast; usually from a mobile app. But again, I can’t send ISO files to other than the WDTV,
Hope info here helps.

I don’t think so, as Mike mentioned, it uses a lot of processor. I think even EX2100 is not enough for transcoding in Plex.

EX2100 likely can handle PLEX, since it the model directly under my DL2100. My processor is just a little faster, but the EX is fast enough. Both accept the 4GB RAM add on memory card, and that helps a lot.

The Single Bay My Cloud does not have a Third-Party App Center and the internal CPU may have problems with the Plex.

I know it is old topic, but Im using Plex on single bay My Cloud 3TB without any problem!