Is a WD MyCloud right for me?

I’m about to take a trip to Best Buy to purchase a MyCloud. After spending some time on the Net, reading about may issue that have been reported, I’m wondering if this may be a bit more work than I want to go through. I will never have a need to access this device over the Internet. But I DO, want a storage device on my local Ethernet network that I can map a drive to so that I might access my photos and movies and such (after copying them to the MyCloud). I have read posting about needing to stop running jobs on the MyCloud as well as other procedures. (Before you pack up your WD and return it, let’s talk about Copying Speeds!) I’ve had WD MyBooks for years without issues and I’m now wondering, based on this posting (above) if a MyCloud might be way more than the average person (or at least me) can handle. I was really hoping for a plug and play device (I have read the instructions on how to configure it and its seems like something I should be able to do.) It’s just this article, really blows me away. Anyway, is the MyCloud something an “average Joe”, can install, configure and use ? I’d appreciate some opinions before I shell out 143 dollars to acquire one. Thanks.

Unless you know how to block the WDMC from internet access in your router, then the answer is ‘no’.

You may think this now, because you don’t realize the benefits of doing so, but it is something I can, and do often. I have my music, photos and videos on the My Cloud. amd here are some examples of using it remotely:

When I travel I like to access my My Cloud from afar. Given decent wi-fi internet speed where I am, I can access my music and videos on the MC and play them on my iPad to enjoy it alone or with a grandchild.

I am riding the bus to the ballpark (to work, etc) and can listen to or watch my media stored at home via my cell data plan on my iPhone. Remote access is one of the great features of the My Cloud. Of course, I use it at home a lot. Am about to watch a movie stored on MC in a few minutes.

My MC has been connected to the internet for a few years; yes, there are some secutity issues being worked out at the present time, but I am still using it, because I do not feel an attack is eminent just because the cat is now out of the bag and many people in this forum and elsewhere know about the problem announced last week. Some people will disagree with me and they are entitled to do that. So get it,set it up, but for now do not leave it on 24/7. Just turn it on when you need it and then shut it down or unplug the ethernet input cable to it when not in use.