Which Product should I use?

Hello, I am new to this forum, so please redirect /repost this question if necessary.

My wife and I both use windows based PC’s and would like tohave one place to keep photo’s , music and movies for access at a later date or for sharing on our Android based tablets.

I have porchased a My Pasport Ultra 1tb I’d plan to hook up to the router. I was told that was not the way to go instead get a WD My Cloud. I want to know what is the best way to accomplish what we want  and also the best and easiest way to do it ?

 Thank You

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Hi mjbarr3, welcome to the WD Community. With the My Cloud you can keep all of your files in a single place and access them locally or from a remote location. Check the My Cloud info page for more on this. 


In the My Cloud manual you can see the steps on how to do it.


You have different options. Several routers offer NAS type access to an attached USB drive (Asus, among others). The key is the performance. Unless you have a very recent router, the USB performance **bleep** and you would be better off with a dedicated NAS like the WD MyCloud.

Ok, So, you are saying that the My Cloud will do what I am looking to do Is that correct ? If so I will be following the links and trying to set it up .

 I may be back for help.  Thanks

 Mj barr3

I use mine for exactly what you are suggesting but also to do backups as well, very pleased with it in the 9 months or so I have had it.