Streaming MP4 to friends

Apologies for my NewBeNess friends but I have read the Mycloud guides, Twonky setup, & many posts from others. Trying to allow friends to view items (the only one I can’t make workable is MP4 files)with the links I send them. Below is the test items I posted in Public folders. Pics and MP3 files- they open right up & also have the option to DL. But…when you click ANY MP4 file…it goes straight to DL only…they won’t play. I play vids all the time with my Win 10 (VLC or Media Player) so I know the associations are correct. Thx in advance for any help.
– shared public videos
– shared public music
– shared public pictures

It would be best to post structure of those files (In text) using MediaInfo as opposed to sharing the files themselves.

Are they using the same access mechanism and tools as you are?
Are you all accessing content remotely? Or are you accessing locally, and they are accessing remotely?
Do they have the same media playback tools installed as you do (VLC, MediaPlayer)?
What tool opens the MP4 files for you when you play them?

My apologies to the Community. I wasn’t aware of the “links not allowed” rule. Thank you Trancer & cpt_paranoia for you replies.

  1. cpt_paranoia
    My friends use the same video players as I and they are accessing the files I posted on my Mycloud remotely using the link I sent them. Should it matter which media player they are using?
  2. Maybe my post was somewhat misleading or I am still unaware of of some of the finer details about the Mycloud.I thought the Mycloud can function as a replacement for some of the other online pay services such as Dropbox, PCloud, Yandex, etc. You click the link I send you, you click on the file (like myvideo.mp4), then you can open & play it online or DL it using you PC.

The local/remote access difference between you and your friends may be significant. I asked diagnostic questioins. Answers may help diagnose the problem.