My Cloud 4TB - Understanding File Access?

I’m not very network savvy but do understand the basics; my question is in regards to the folder access settings “Media Serving” and “Public Access”…

Correct me if I’m wrong, but these folders are only available to devices on my local network, and NOT the internet? Either way, what does Media Serving and Public Access actually do?

Finally, if I wanted to make a file, or folder available publicly to the internet (similar to say Dropbox) can I just post a hyperlink to the file / folder or will this not work?


Have you read the My Cloud User Manual ( If not start by reading the user manual, it explains the features of the My Cloud and how to configure those features.

Media Serving is related to the Twonky DLNA and iTunes Media Servers. When Media Serving is enabled, DLNA media clients and iTunes clients on the local network will be able to access and stream any supported media content (pictures, music, video) within those Shares (folders) REGUARDLESS of the Public Access setting.

When one configures a Share (folder) for Private Access, and then sets the User Permissions for that access; that User will, if granted Read Only or Full Access, be able to access the contents of the Share (folder) either from the local network or remotely.

If you DO NOT want Users to have Remote Access, then disable Remote Access through the My Cloud Dashboard. Also disable FTP access as well. If you have configured port forwarding in the broadband router/gateway to pass remote traffic to the My Cloud, disable or remove that port forwarding assignment.

Again, if you have not done so, read through the My Cloud User Manual liked above. It give general explanations on most features of the My Cloud.