SSH root password

I have tried welc0me! & welc0me. Is it possible to reset the SSH password from the web interface? What reset options are available? that won’t zorch my data?

Photo of identification information on NAS underside:

If I remember right you should be able to disable SSH then re-enable it via the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Network > SSH. That might reset the root/sshd password back to default. If not then one may have to perform a 4 second or 40 second reset.

And since it appears you are using a second gen v2.x firmware My Cloud as evidenced by the “-10” P/N number, it should be noted that WD changed the SSH user login name from root to sshd in a recent v2.x firmware release.

How to Reset a My Cloud (single bay) Device

Thanks brennor. I disabled and re-enabled SSH as prescribed: this did not reset the password. I have been using “root” to login and did not realize that it was changed to “sshd”. Problem solved!