Sonos error: Unable to play “song name” the connection to my cloud home was lost

Hi, I have MyCloud Home. I have copied all my music to it from iMac. I setup the my home music service for Sonos. When I try to play music through Sonos I get the above message. Sonos is updates across all devices. MyCloud Home is at latest update. I can play Spotify Service through Sonos. If I revert to playing music off iMac through Sonos it works. I can browse to MyCloud Home off iPhone, iMac and MacBook Pro and see all music files. The MyCloud is directly connected to router. All devices mentioned above use WiFi to connect tin sonos. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Julie

Have you tried connecting the Sonos through Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi?
IE" process of elimination

I am having the same problem. I can play one song, then the error message comes up immediately after the song is over. Then it keeps trying to play the next song on the album, and the message pops up again immediately. It keeps repeating until I close the sonos app.

I am brand new to Mycloud Home due to the removal of “on this phone” from the IOS Sonos app.

Sonos is very frustrating now.

Should probably contact Sono’s Support