Setup Windows Network Access

We have a WD MyCloud NAS device on our office network. We know the id/pw password to access the site. And our files are being replicated on our local network and that site. But we got a new computer and the id/pw we use for the web interface doesn’t work when we try to access existing private folders in Windows Explorer. (Windows 10). Older computers that probably have the id/pw saved can access it. How do I setup access for a new computer or user? I am capable if I have to SSH to the drive and issue some CLI commands. But I can’t even find out how to do access that.

Well the first question to ask is “can you access the Dashboard” for the device. If you can, you can use the UI to update your credentials, create a new user or share, or any number of things. See the link below for assistance accessing the Dashboard.

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Probably because the drive was accessed using different credentials initially and Windows stupidly only allows 1 set of credentials per networked device to be used…

You’ll need to remove the cached credentials saved in the windows credential storage on that PC for the MyCloud and then re-login with the right login to save the correct info on the PC.

Control Panel \ All Control Panel Items \ Credential Manager

Delete the offending entry for the NAS

Once the above is done, delete using net use

Start > Run > cmd > net use * /DELETE

If you cannot even access the My Cloud Dashboard on the new Windows 10 computer then see the first couple of Windows 10 Specific Method (up to #6) in the following link:

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