Can't Access Personal Folders Through Windows Explorer

This is probably a repeat post from others, but I have yet to find a resolution. Windows (10) Security prompts me to “Enter network credentials” when trying to access My Cloud personal folders, but not for the Public folder. That indicates to me that it’s probably something having to do with My Cloud and not Windows, but the password doesn’t seem to be anything I’ve created associated with My Cloud and I cannot figure out what it is, how to find it, or how to reset it. Everything else works fine. It’s frustrating because the user interface for manipulating files through WD is woefully lacking. Being able to manipulate my files through Windows Explorer would be much easier. Thank you for your assistance. Krit

User name and passwords for Shares configured for Private through the My Cloud Dashboard are also created/configured in the My Cloud Dashboard. Access the Dashboard and one can set/change/delete a User and their password.

How to access the Dashboard on a My Cloud device | WD Support

And if one hasn’t done so already, it is wise to read the My Cloud User Manual (WD My Cloud Support) which explains how to use the My Cloud including how to create users/passwords and configure Shares for Public or Private access.

Have you tried your Network credentials?

What is your network name?
What is the password to your network?

See image below, click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

It’s not any password I have set up in My Cloud.

It’s not in Windows because no credentials are needed to access public folders. I can change a personal folder to a public one then it doesn’t ask for credentials. Once I turn off public access, Windows Explorer asks for credentials, but it’s not the same password that My Cloud uses.

If you have accessed the public share without providing your MyCloud credentials, windows will not let you access a private share with the MyCloud credentials. Windows does not allow mixed credentials for a network device.

If this is your problem, the error message will have an explanation.

Unmap your public drive, and remap all drives, forcing the use of your MyCloud credentials. You may have to reboot the pc after unmapping, or even use Windows credentials manager to delete the credentials association.

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@Krit_Murray Is the image below what you are seeing? If it is, it does not hurt to try your network credentials, since that is what it is asking for in order for you to connect to your WDMYCLOUD. If you don’t want to have to enter credentials again then be sure to check the box next to Remember my credentials.


A Google search for, network credentials windows 10 may help.

@Krit_Murray I have been trying different UN and PW’s all day to try and figure this out. This is what I finally got to work. I am the admin of My Cloud, name is horace, I do not use a password to get into my My Cloud for any shares.

After turning off Public to my Horace share and going back to File Explorer and clicking on that share when the box to enter Credentials came up all I entered was User Name, horace, password was left blank, clicked OK and my Horace share opened.

You can try this and if it doesn’t work check credentials on your computer and see if anything is there for WDMYCLOUD. If there is you may have to delete it first. See example image below.

I hope this works for you.