Folder Access through windows explorer

Hi Guys
I’ve had a good look through here but cant find answer.
Problem is I cant access some folders on MY Cloud through windows 10 explorer. EG. Error says windows cant not access - you don’t have permission to access \WDMYCLOUD\Public\F???
Other folders are fine and I can access from Windows
any ideas

Hi @nutana,

Please refer to the following KB article: Share Access Failure - Public Share Prompts for Password Access Denied

I also would not rule out a problem with Windows Credential Manager.

Windows credential manager does not like different users accessing the same LAN device.
In other words, From the same PC account, you can’t access two different shares that require a different Logins without wiping out the credentials in credential manager as an intermediate step

Although. . . considering this is a public share. . that shouldn’t be a problem.

This is a “functionality bug” in Windows.