Safepoint missing after reboot


after every reboot (balckout or similar) the MyCloud doesn’t find anymore the previous Safepoint.
The WD usb drive attached directly to the MyCloud is properly “seen” in the dashboard (USB icon on the top right and listed on the Shares) but in the Safepoint tab there is anything. 
I can only create a brand new one on the same USB drive.

With the MyCloud application, I can see that the Safepoint still exists in the share folder created for the SF.

If I need to recreate SF, it’s not so sure!!!

I have tried to unmount the USB drive and remount but without success…


Hi there,

What happens if you connect the USB drive to a computer, are you able to see the safepoint like this ?


The current and missing Safepoint and also the previous one are readable in the USB drive.

Also the WD MyCloud app (both desktop and mobile app) find them, but no Safepoint in the web dashboard…

Again and again!!!

I reformatted my usb drive and created a brand new safepoint.
everyting was ok but two days after, the system has rebooted (no warning and I don’t know why) and my Safepoints are missing in the dashboard.
Obviosly in the WDMyCloud desktop app the SP are visible…