Re-establishing lost Safepoints

I have 3 MyClouds. 2 have safepoints in place. One (FamilyMC) does it to the 3rd Mycloud (backupMC) and the other (PublicMC) does it to USB. FamilyMC has/had a daily, weekly and monthly safepoint. They were recently working nicely, then both lost all their safepoints in the dashboard (probably) after a reboot. They were running latest firmware at the time with media scanning off (via SSH) and Ive just updated again today. Suspicious why both lost safepoints at same time - makes me think it was related to external factor such as reboot, power outage or network issue. There is no common data between them so its not content related.

So two questions:

  • How to stop them disappearing?
  • How to connect them back in. I can live with occasional lost of safe point from dashboard but I cant live with deleting the safepoint data itself and trying to create afresh. Three reasons - a/. it takes far too long to sync the 4 safepoints, b/. I dont want to go deleting my backups in case I lose the primary copy. c/. Its probably going to happen again.

Not sure if this will help, but I have just gone through this myself.

I have 2 My Clouds ( A and B).
B has the safepoint of A.

After an extended period that both My Clouds were shut down, I powered them up … did a firmware update, my safepoint disappeared on My Cloud (A). Logged into My Cloud (B) and sure enough the safepoint was there, but My Cloud (A) did not see it. I waited for some time (1/2 a day) and thought I lost the safepoint connection. I was just about ready to try another safepoint and all of the sudden My Cloud (A) showed the orginal connection to My Cloud (B). All of this took a better part of a day to re-establish the connection, I did not do anything to either My Cloud, so maybe it will magically appear as mine did after a day.

Safepoints are way TOO slow to create and I really dreaded starting over.

I was hoping for that to happen, but hey have been gone for a few weeks. Reboots etc aren’t bringing them back. Was hoping there was a way to relink them but WD Tech Support didn’t directly answer this question. So I assume its not possible, Grrr.

WD Tech Support responded by saying upgrade the firmware (they didn’t see I had already done that) and do a System Restore. Ive done the System Restore and rather than wait for what I don’t think will happen, Ive started process to recreate safepoins from scratch.

Which brings me to another problem - admin cant set up safepoint on share. Illl post to a new thread.

I’m sorry to hear this sbird … I was hoping they would appear again.

Would it be possible to Start a new Safepoint, cancel it (leaving it in invalid state), then use another technology (SyncToy, WD Desktop App etc) to move in content from old safepoint, then ‘update’ new safepoint again?

Im not sure how upset the MC would get that something else has been writing (extensively) to its safepoint destination. Arent there hidden folders for indexing?

Any want to give it a try before I get around to it?