Upgraded 4.x WD Mycloud and now Safepoint is gone!

Anyone else have this issue???

Yes at least one other is discussing and troubleshooting it in the following thread.


Edit: And the following recent thread.


I read that thread. Ok, well, the new WD (ver 2) is seeing the safepoint from the old WD (ver1) and is restoring from the safepoint.

That is interesting! Not good for those of us with ver 4 Safepoints I think.


Having the same issue after the auto update to the latest firmware.
I have a 4TB MYcloud with a USB attached 4TB M book that had a safepoint on it for the Mycloud.
Now the dashboard shows no safepoints.

Also trying to figure out how to upgrade the firmware on the USB attached My Book.

Thanks for sharing your concerns about the new firmware.

This has been passed along to support

Can you attach the backup usb drive to a PC and read the files directly or it’s encrypted and has to go through a my cloud to see the files?


Yes, you can read (& write) the drive on a PC.


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me too!
it’s not the first time that the safe point disappears after a firmware upgrade.
the only solution is to create a brand new but it takes a long time…

Look through some of the posts.
I think I remember seeing some posters saying that duplicate shares were created. The dup was deleted and the original was renamed back to the original name and got it back.

I have an open ticket to see if there is a way to relink a lost safepoint. The occasional loss would be acceptable to me if it was easy to re link them in the dashboard. Hoping WD can implement that as a workaround and/or new functionality given the alternative is days of recreating them.

Note that I lost safepoints with the previous firmware and upgrading all three units to 04.04.02-105 didn’t achieve anything.

Im in Australia and there is one hour in the week that I can talk to WD tech support (Sat 8-9am) when Im at home. Got a hook up booked and will see what they want to discuss. Not actually sure myself.

There is a potential workaround that seems to work for some who experience the disappearing Safepoint post upgrade. It was discussed/mentioned in the New Release Firmware Release 04.04.02-105 (1/27/2016) thread:


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Yes !!! This worked …I can see my Safepoint again;

“First I turned ON “USB Content Availability” so I could see the USB files on the PC (just to make sure what was still there).
Secondly, I noticed the the Share name for my USB had been duplicated (“Elements” and now “Elements_2”). I could see in the Shares section that Elements (my original backup share was showing 0K) and “Elements_2” was showing all my files. I simply removed the “Elements” Share and renamed “Elements_2” to the original name. Now when I went into SafePoints, my WholeDrive backup was visible once again. I had to re-enable the daily backup schedule and clicked on “Update” and off it went once again.”

Thanks !!

Ratatude, glad you got your safepoints working. Don’t be alarmed but WD has DONE AWAY with safepoints on the next gen MyCloud running 2.x. Yup! they’re gone.

You can run a safepoint, but it’s all manual. No more scheduler.

Now we have to be magicians or mind readers, predict when a failure will occur and run a safepoint before then. Yay to WD!!!

Marvelous …