Safepoint is not recognized (not show up) after firmware upgrade

It took me long 4-5 days to create a SafePoint.

However, today my WD Mycloud entered automatically in auto-update of firmware. After it finishes, I went to check my Safe Point and the Web_UI shows no Safe Points at all.

I did it in an external HD and all files are there. Why is it not being recognized? Will I have to redo it all again and recopy all my files to the very same HD?

Is there a way to reconnect the Safe Point and get it recognizedby the new firmware?

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Is the Safepoint detected when you try to recover it?

This has happened to me after each firmware upgrade. I usually reboot the MyCloud, wait a day or 2 and it comes around. I am in that cycle right now.

No, it has not been detected.

I guess there is not much what we can do.

I will start it over again…

Turned off automatic firmware upgrade in any case though…