Safepoints gone after update 04.04.02-105

My firmware auto updated from 04.04.01-112 to 04.04.02-105. I have the 2TB MyCloud and an 3TB MyBook as a backup. Since the update I have not received any event notifications. Also I have lost all my safe points have disappeared; my daily and my Monday backup (my week long backup).

My last daily backup was Feb 6, 2016 and my last Monday backup was Jan 25, 2016. The firmware update occurred on Jan 6th at 6:11:16am ET. This was after my daily backup on Feb 6th. I received no notification of the new firmware upgrade 04.04.02-105.

I really dislike the firmware upgrade when WD does them but it is a necessary evil. I checked my event notifications and it was changed from ALL to CRITICAL AND WARNING. My WD MyBook seems ok however I am considering going back to individual standalone backups because of the issues. I got the MyCloud to get away from it.

I have struggled with this MyCloud since I purchased it and even spreading the good word about it. I have had it a couple of years now and on the edge of going back to cloud base provider or back to OneDrive.

I had some daily backup failures before the new firmware and then immediately the next day they were successful (no intervention at all), go figure. The same thing with my Monday backups however the last Monday backup was a failure. So what do I do now? Drop WD and move on as I really tried to make it work and go to a pay service as I did before or stick it out. I had the darnest time trying to get it to work with my Surface Pro1 and definitely scared to do it on my Pro3.

There are numerous prior threads on the Safepoint issue with the 04.04.02-105 firmware including some possible workarounds. See the following threads.

Why should we have to imply a work around and spend our time
for something that should not have happened ???

If the programmers had been worth their salt this should not
have happened.

Now WD make the best hard drives in my opinion but as I have
expressed in the past their MyCloud programming is nothing but diabolical and
as I write I have lost a full 3.2 terabyte backup that I have now had to redo
through a software backup as MyCloud just cannot be trusted.

You/we don’t have much of a choice (if continuing to use Safepoint) about it until WD can track down and fix the issue with the firmware. Until then one can either complain about it and wait for WD to fix it, or one can try one of the fixes mentioned in the prior threads that were linked to above to try and solve the problem.

Sorry, I have purchased a product and it should work. I am
not a Beta tester nor have I been given this product free to test.

No Bennor, we should not be working to sort the problem out.
If you bought a car and it did not work would you be happy to spend hours, weeks, months to get your car on the road???

You missed my point. Of course the product should work. But in some instances certain features of the My Cloud don’t work properly due to poor coding of the firmware. OK so now that people have complained about it, what should they do about it? Sit and wait for WD to fix it? Sit and complain endlessly about it in this user to user subforum? Or try one of the potential workarounds mentioned in the threads above that others have found while we wait for WD to release an updated firmware that hopefully fixes the issue? Or one can return their My Cloud and find some other product.

There is no telling how long it will be before WD fixes this issue (if they even fix the issue).

And your car analogy is a bit off. The WD My Cloud generally does work (ie the car is on the road) but has problems with certain features like SafePoint (like the airbag potentially not working properly on the car). I mention the airbag because I have a car under the Takata airbag recall. Right now there is no estimate of when or even if I’ll ever have the passenger side airbag replaced under that recall due to new airbags having to be manufactured for so many cars. One can sit around hoping a fix will be made or they can work around the issue while awaiting a fix to be made. I choose (both with my car and the My Cloud) to work around the issue while awaiting a fix to be made.

I joined this forum after my first purchase of a My Cloud 2 years ago. It didn’t take me long to find out the what WD calls firmware updates are really riddled with breaking things and/or new issues. If it wasn’t for the people here and the consorted effort to find work arounds we all would be lost.

I certainly understand your frustration … been there, and somewhat has been a SOP for the My Cloud in general. We can not fix the issues … only find work arounds and help one another.

Is this the way it should be … No
Should WD take more ownership for their products and especially their customers … Yes
Is WD working on a solution … They never say
Will they offer a solution to a reported issue in this forum … Probably not
Is WD’s Support up to the level of other Manufacturers … I don’t think so

So we are a “Self Help Group” :wink: and that’s all we got until WD takes another path on the My Cloud issues.