Safepoint not visible after V04.04.02-105 firmware upgrade

I have a 3TB MyCloud with a 1TB WD Elements attached through USB3. After the V04.04.02-105 firmware upgrade done automatically on 10 Feb. the Safepoint no longer runs (set for each night during the quiet hours). See the log screen dump.

Neither is it visible in the Dashboard.

However, if I use the WD My Cloud Windows interface I can access the files on the elements USB disc.

Note - the last date modified is 8 Feb

What’s gone wrong?

There are many posts about this firmware and lost “Safepoints” … look at these for possible solutions a what others are finding.

New Release Firmware Release 04.04.02-105 (1/27/2016)

Upgraded 4.x WD Mycloud and now Safepoint is gone!

Thanks for the suggested post. I was able to rename delete the new (empty one) and renamed the actual one back to its original name as per the suggestion in this post.[quote=“SectorGZ, post:2, topic:150993”]
Upgraded 4.x WD Mycloud and now Safepoint is gone!
All back to normal now.